Why Is Monday Motivation Necessary? Check These Out 5 Tips


Do you have Monday blues every week?

‘Well begun is half done, as the very familiar English idiom says. This idiom can be linked to Monday, the very first day of every week, loathed by everyone.

How difficult is it to get up from your bed, make coffee, breakfast, and take a shower and go to work on a Monday? Every individual desires an extra day after Sunday. People wake up lethargic, in their power-saving mode on a Monday.

After a long weekend of sleeping, partying, relaxing, watching movies, etc. the desire to go to work will obviously be below. And this is exactly the reason why one should pump up double the energy on a Monday morning!

This is exactly why Monday motivation is so crucial for a good and satisfactory and productive week.

Why Monday Motivation is so important?

Why Mondays are important? This question often comes into your thought. If the start of the week is good, it is very much likely, that the entire week will be well organized and productive and planned.

On the other hand, if one wakes up in a cranky mood with the will to do nothing on a Monday morning, that would deteriorate the energy level of the individual for the entire week!

Hence it is very important that one starts the week in an energetic, joyous way.

Mondays are especially central in the case of corporate jobs. So is the case for all kinds of students, school, high school, University, etc.

Monday mornings are packed with brainstorming sessions, weekly meetings and target-setting sessions. Sometimes it’s tough to maintain your composure. That’s when you need something to keep you going like Monday motivation. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

So there are many speakers, like Robin Sharma, Zig Zagler, Brian Tracy, Shiv Khera, Sandeep Maheshwari who talk at length in their sessions and speeches about how Mondays are very important for the growth of an individual.

Although each one of them has their specialized fields, each one of them emphasizes one thing in general and that is, make your Mondays productive and keep yourself motivated on Monday.

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Keep your Mondays full of sunlight! Get Monday Motivation, Here are some ideas

There are several ways to keep one going and maintain a high-energy attitude on a positive Mondays morning. Some of them are easy, as easy as reading Monday Motivation articles or listening to Monday Motivation story or looking for Monday Motivation quotes others are not so easy and all of them are effort taking. But as Seth Godin says, ‘If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.’

To make your week unbelievably productive and satisfactory, there are many essential things.

Relaxation too is very important


Especially before Monday. One way to relax and to commit to the next week is to make a to-do list for the next week.

Sunday night, ten minutes can be attributed to making a list of all the things that need to be done in the coming week. This will give you clarity of thought, help you organize your time and also might spare you some free time! Ten minutes is a very small amount to pay for such huge advantages. So pick up that pen and paper and jot down what you have in mind for the next week!

Making a to-do list is a great way to start your week


It gives you a sense of accomplishment, as stated by the neurologists. On the practical side, you wouldn’t have to remember all those things in your head. It would keep your head decluttered, meaning a better mood and more productivity. It also reduces anxiety to a great deal and even helps you to get Monday motivation.

Another way of pumping up your Monday mornings by creating a warm, delicious, mouth-watering breakfast menu, maybe with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

Everyone loves enjoying a good breakfast. By creating one, you can trick your mind into waking up with excitement and actually looking forward to breakfast. This will incentivize your energy level and get you right on track for that very important client meeting or presentation.

Pro Monday Motivation tips


Playing the music of your choice while making breakfast increases serotonin and dopamine in your brain, making you feel happier while doing so. Choose something with a fast beat but careful! Don’t disturb the neighbors!

Something else we tend to do on a Sunday night that gets in the way of our Monday morning schedule is staying up late. People love to binge-watch movies and show till late. But the trick is, avoid doing so on a Sunday night. Instead, watch all of it on a Saturday night so you can sleep till late on a Sunday morning.

Staying up till late is a very common habit among the working class, often to finish some work or if it’s a student, to finish some assignments.

Try to avoid this habit. Being sleep-deprived the entire week and compensating for it on the weekend is not a very healthy habit and affects your Monday routine as well.

Sleeping till late on weekends makes you lethargic on Mondays.

Having a consistent, regular sleep schedule keeps one fresh the next day. Also helps the brain function more efficiently.

In case you absolutely have to finish some work, delay your sleep schedule only by an hour, not more than that for a happy, healthy Monday morning!

Dress marvelously, keep your apartment bright and exercise to achieve monday work motivation!


Wearing good, bright-colored clothes also help in finding Monday Motivation activities and keeping you on your toes.

Clothing can be used to improve negative emotions according to Fashion Psychology Institute in New York City. A fine and comfortable outfit does not only better your mood but also boosts your energy considerably.

Choose what you like, fabric-wise, color-wise and with beautiful prints. To save time, you might want to pick your outfit the previous night! That way one might have something more to be excited about!

Many people have this injudicious habit of keeping their blinds closed the entire day. This is not something very advisable to do.

Sunlight is something very important for us, humans. Often when we don’t see the sun for too long, we might feel gloomy. So keep your room bright and airy. It destroys germs and also boosts vitamin D levels in our bodies. 

So take some time out to water plants or go for a leisurely walk or walk your dog. Being out in nature for even as much as five minutes can give one a happiness high, according to a 2018 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Physical exercise is another aspect that would make you energetic on a Monday morning. Sounds a bit paradoxical, doesn’t it? Well, it may sound so but it is totally true and scientifically proven. It helps you to totally achieve your Monday Work Motivation.

Physical exercise of any kind boosts memory, relieves stress and helps you sleep better. And the fun part is, it does not have to be running or walking or jogging. It can be whatever you like! It can be a game of racquetball or maybe lawn tennis or baseball! It can be whatever you like!

Carpe diem!

Monday is a whole new beginning of opportunities, choices, climbs. It becomes very important for a growing individual to have the correct mental and physical abilities and capabilities to grasp them all.

Monday is in a way, the most advantageous day of the week. It’s the day you can get ahead of your colleagues because chances are your colleagues too will be unwilling to work on a Monday.

And if you’re looking forward to impressing your boss, remember that Hasidic proverb that says ‘The man who had confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.’ So, go for it!

Something else that can bring a dazzling ray of sunshine and motivation to your Monday blues is a good book. Books are great helpers when it comes to concentration. It may just be something that you needed to achieve your goal for the week! You never know! Reading a good book is always helpful.

There are 53 Mondays in a year on an average and if do these 53 days right, chances are pretty much so that the other 312 days of your life will be very rewarding!

Human beings have so much untapped potential and the extremities of human bodies are astounding. It is a beautiful system altogether. So, use this system to its full power to get Monday motivation.

Do what it takes to achieve your Monday Motivation, reach that position, to get that client, to get your loved one, to top that semester, to buy that house! Do what it takes. You have the potential of the entire universe packed into this little packet of mass.

Everything is possible if you decide. Get up from your bed, start calling your clients, keep up the follow-up and let the blood rush through your veins! Because at the last tortoise wins the race, who never slept and not the rabbit who gave in to the bodily desires of comfort. This is the Monday Motivation Message for you to start your day beautifully.

Get out of your created comfort zone because that’s where your success lies!

That’s where that beautiful house is, where that dream job is, where that important client is! In Michael John Bobak’s words, ‘All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.’

So don’t let that Monday get in your way. Be determined and keep going!

Get Monday Motivation

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