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Karma says it will find you anywhere in the world, you can not hide from it

Karma says, Whatever actions you will take today will happen to you tomorrow

Karma never loses an address

Good luck comes to those who stick to their path of Karma

If you will not be punished for your Karma, You will be definitely punished by your karma

Forgetting it by doing good Karma is the mark of a great person

The mouth can lie, Eyes can not. People may forget, Karma will not

Don't waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own Karma

How people treat you is their karma; How you react is yours

I don't have any reason to hate anyone, I believe in good Karma and spreading Good energy

Do good Karma and good will come to you

No matter how smart you are, you cannot be smarter than karma

Sometimes you have to walk away and stand aside to let karma take it over

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