WillPower: Top 10 Ways To Increase Your WillPower


How to increase Will Power? This question is very important to those who are seeking to increase their willpower. The top 10 tips to increase your willpower are available in this article. Willpower is the reason to practice for power. Getting what you require and your intensity level of effort decides your Willpower!

To succeed, you must know what you want first. Then, even in extremely challenging situations, you must be able to get it done through your WillPower.

There’s a simple answer of ‘What is willpower”, well, it’s your inner intensity level of interest and effort of getting the task assigned to you completed.

Will and power are closely related to the use of will. Mighty people often practice what requires a strong will. However, often this comes from the confidence that power creates instead of having power directly. While people with weaker willpower levels often try to run away from such things.

It appears that the benefits of willpower go much further than getting the tasks done effectively. There are lots of different benefits and perks of having greater willpower. Many of the time it also helps to reflect a positive image of a person amongst the other candidates. As it somehow also affects a person’s self-confidence.

Have the question in mind how to increase the will-power? Here are the top 10 Ways To Increase Your WillPower:

  1. 10 Minutes of Meditation is best to increase your will power
  2. Work on your routine and posture
  3. Maintain food diary
  4. Use your both hands also increase willpower
  5. Recall your way of speaking!
  6. Create and meet self-deadlines
  7. Keep a track of daily investment
  8. Caution
  9. Learn to say no to the things that excite you and are irrelavant
  10. Be more minute-splendid for your automated decision-making

Let’s Discuss Here Above Points, How To Get Willpower or How To Increase Willpower

1. 10 Minutes of Meditation best to increase your will power


How to improve will power? Well, Meditation gives you the fastest outcomes of all the training courses and helps you to improve will power. You are teaching the brain to concentrate and avoid the temptation to wander by meditating. Research shows that you will be more focused on your brain, have more energy, and less tension after only 2-3 days of 10 minutes of meditation.

To get started with 10 minutes of mindfulness, start meditation from today. It offers you all the advantages of mediation and simple exercises specially tailored for beginners. If you stay consistent about your Meditation sets, then it can also increase your Will Power.

2. Work on your routine and posture


Many of the researchers earlier asked a group of participants to focus on their postures for two weeks to assess if the strength of will could be improved. They had to correct themselves by sitting down straight every time they caught slugging. This simple practice greatly enhanced their consistency and focus level.

To get started, just fix your posture whenever you feel sluggish at work or at home. It sounds effortless, but you have to be willing to sit straight. In essence, you do “one rep” with your muscle of willpower every time you do it. This improves your Will Power at the next level.

3. Maintain a food diary


In much research, it is seen that people who maintained a food diary improved their will power. Most of us don’t log everything that we eat, so it takes a readiness to monitor everything. You can also log the information in a similar manner. However, a food diary creates a greater impact because of all of the different benefits.

It’s a simple process where we have to maintain a food diary with a vast food and nutrition database. Just keep your diary for 2 weeks, and your ability to resist temptations will increase!

4. Use both hands also increase willpower

Use-your-both-hand- Will-power

Using both hands for different purposes also increases your will power as per the different studies and researches. Usually, our brain pushes ourselves to get your work done with our primary hand only. If we opt to do the work with our secondary hand, then it really develops our brain capacity and ultimately our will power.

Choose a chunk of the day to use the other hand to get started. To be effective, it doesn’t need to be more than an hour. And from personal experience, if you aim for more than an hour, you will unnecessarily get yourself in a boring situation.

5. Recall your way of speaking!


Always try to speak in a positive way. This involves not using curse words or saying “hello” rather than “hi”. Again, it takes a willingness to deliberately oppose your instincts. It does not matter, as long as you change the natural habits of your speech, but what really matters is how you correct your speech.

To get started, pick a chunk of the day to practice and choose the terms that your need to modify. During working hours, do not try to use the contractions (like using “do not,” instead of “don’t”) and it worked really well. This can significantly improve your willpower, as with all the exercises mentioned above for just 2 weeks as It somewhere affects your personal skills and improvement and that’s why affects your will power.

6. Create and meet self-deadlines


Everyone when recalling their college days remembers what a last-minute paper or a test used to be like. Your willpower gets taxed as you try to smooth out distractions. Using the same theory, investigators found that you can operate your will in the same way by setting self-imposed deadlines.

Simply select the job you have put off on your to-do list. Set a time limit to do this and ensure that you stick to it until it’s done. Not only did the participants who followed this method for two weeks boost the diet, but they also improved their exercising routine, and decrease cigarette and alcohol consumption and can also increase their will power gym or you can say it as will power fitness gym.

7. Keep a track of daily investment


Just as most of us don’t follow the food we eat, many of us don’t follow up on our expenses. If you do not cut expenditure – which is also a willpower exercise – many studies have found that only monitoring how your money has gone will boost your will.

You can also consider using a budgeting tool that is available online or on other mobile platforms as well. Such Tools will connect with your bank account, credit cards, etc., and automatically track your transactions. You can see your concentration and ability to avoid irrelevant temptations like an unnecessary expenditure. This can be improved by simply observing this regularly.

8. Caution

For the genuinely committed people who want to improve their perseverance, you can pinch a handgrip until exhaustion. When you pinch one earlier, you know it’s a deep burn in your forearm. It also requires a readiness to pinch yourself.

Simply take a handgrip and squeeze it with both hands until you get tired. If you keep squeezing even when it hurts, your perseverance will increase in other difficult tasks and will further increase your will.

9. Learn to say no to the things that excite you and are irrelavant

Again, you will strengthen your ability to say ‘no’ to something exciting for you all day long, and you have to stay consistent about it. 

Learn how to resist a longing first to begin. It will be complicated at first since you have to learn how to manage the urge. Then keep something with you which is tiny but attractive. There doesn’t have to be a whole day, but you have to be really tempted for long enough. By saying “no” repeatedly, you will increase your resistance and ignore distractions to other temptations!

10. Be more minute-splendid for your automated decision-making

One last exercise is to make the decisions more closely during the day to get the perfect answer to the question of “how to increase your willpower” through your routine decisions. Your emotions are often so lost that your actions are automatic.

You will increase your capacity to concentrate and avoid temptation by taking time to think about why you are taking everyday decisions.

In the beginning, you can also try to figure out yourself in any automatic behavior and ask yourself about why you are actually doing it and what made you do it. It could be a question of why you are eating cereal, or why exactly do you put 2 sugars in your coffee instead of eggs for breakfast.

You can actively think of a standard automatic action in some way that enhances your concentration and self-check. Try to reprogram some of the automatic actions with the behavioral change program that can benefit yourself.

Think of yourself as a sailboat, as you understand how to strengthen your will, with wind propelling you and strategy as your guide.

Your approach relies on continuous self-confidence – evaluate your values and be prepared to adjust to people who don’t support you. Human beings are holistic species, and therefore use your feelings and sensations for your faith as a window.

If you’re feeling down or not well then ask yourself why. If there are underlying fears of failure or of limiting belief that holds you back, give yourself good news. You’ll find that some views are more comfortable with an alteration over the others.


Like all muscles in the body, willpower can be strengthened with excellent practice around realistic and efficient ways to reinforce your self-control, concentration, and perseverance. Do not attempt to do multiple things at a time.

Think of training your strength of will as marathon training. It’s not the whole 26 miles or even near your first training run. You’d start small and build up slowly as your muscles get stronger. 

Determine which training seems to be realistic and efficient for the aim to be done and you will find yourself already one your way to becoming mentally strong by just following these simple steps. The willpower instinct plays a major role in your life, therefore understand its value and act on improving it accordingly.

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