Study Motivation And Stress In Everyday’s Life by 7 ways


How many students actually enjoy studying, without any excuses or conditions? We can bet there are few students who actually do! Why is that so? Why doesn’t everybody enjoy studying or rather, why do some certain people enjoy studying? All these questions are related to their individual levels of motivation for studying. Hence, the study about motivation is important.

Obviously, everyone has different levels of study motivation. One might not have the same as another. And it is quite understandable.

Children are more active and hence have low levels of focus and concentration. They always want to play and make mirth. Now in such a condition, it totally makes sense if a child doesn’t want to sit down in one place and study even for an hour.

But the scenario becomes complicated when these kids grow up and the problem of not being able to sit straight at one place still persists.

Now, these kids are not kids anymore, they’re adolescents who are responsible for their own actions. In such cases, when these young minds are not able to motivate themselves, they often look for external means of motivation.

Hence study motivation forms an important part of student life and hence an integral part of the future.

What is the need for study motivation?

Education, especially in recent years hasn’t been a piece of cake for students. Every day is like a new challenge, especially in this lockdown period with online classes going on.

It is hard to keep one’s focus and attention and not let it divert from studies. Considering the wide spectrum of distractions available in the advanced age of technology, it cannot be really considered the students’ fault if they get distracted.

Moreover, courses and syllabi are getting tougher and tougher day by day. It is becoming more and more difficult for an average teenager to keep pace with the growing and more demanding education sector. And this is not the case just with teenagers.

Toddlers, who have just joined the school, are being subjected to tedious and long hours of online education. And it is not really the system to blame. It is the need of the hour, fast education, pace and high intellect.

Study motivation, hence, plays all the more important a role than in today’s ‘live fast die young’ world.

It is important to keep the levels of motivation of these adolescents at an appropriate level to get the best results. Often this motivation doesn’t come naturally to students and it becomes important to provide them with it externally.

With the correct kind of reading of articles or books or the correct kind of watching videos, one might receive optimum levels of study motivation.

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How should one be motivated to study?

There are many different ways to get effectively motivated to study. One can watch study motivation videos or put up wallpapers of their goals in their study room.

What may work wonderfully for one, may not necessarily work for someone else! It’s completely a subjective choice. One doesn’t need to force anything if one doesn’t feel like it.

Often it happens that students don’t study till the last minute of examinations and then panic at the last moment. This is quite human nature. But this definitely should be prevented.

For individuals with high study motivation levels, this would not be a very difficult task but with those with low levels of motivation, it would be a herculean task.

Make notes


Making notes while studying helps a lot not only in the process of studying but also in the process of willing to study. The more you accomplish, the more you will study. That is the thing about study motivation. It is its own motivator.

Hence taking running notes while attending lectures or making short one-line notes while studying makes it a lot easier to remember, and to understand the topics talked about. When the student understands the topic better, his or her efficiency increases. And with increased efficiency, there is an increase in the levels of study motivation.

Another little tip is to use different colours while making notes. Now superficially, this seems like a piece of silly advice. But it is really not so.

The human eye is equipped with rods and cones to provide us with multi-colored vision. The human eye prefers colours. It does not like monotony. Hence anything that is vibrant attracts the eye and catches the attention.

Use this technique to make notes. Highlight different points. You can also use different types of study motivation wallpaper!

Keep a timetable

Student can print-out this timetable and write in it according to their schedule

Being in the discipline has never hurt anybody. It always is the most efficient way of doing things.

Often it happens that students don’t tend to finish work on time and then panic at the last moment. All this would not have arisen if they had planned efficiently and it would also have helped save time. ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’

Planning an effective timetable and more importantly, working according to it is very important for time management.

This will not only help the student prepare efficiently for the studies but also leave him or her with some spare time for relaxation.

Effective time management can boost study motivation in the sense that it creates responsibility in the students for their own studies and success in the same.

A well-managed timetable helps regulate the routine of an individual leading to a productive life in general.

Friends! Choose them wisely


Friends are a great source of motivation, fun and frolic. They are our escape from the world. The adventures we have with them are way beyond words.

Friends are our support system, which is exactly why they play a vital role in the study motivation of an individual. Good friends motivate their friends to study. For them, it’s not just about playing and roaming around with friends.

True friends support each other for studying as well.

Hence planning group studies with friends and colleagues is very effective. You can solve each other’s questions and clear each other’s doubts. This will effectively increase the study motivation levels of the entire group. As there is a saying, united we stand, divided we fall!

Keep in touch with your mentor

Mentors are very important. They are like the burning torch that lights your path ahead. They guide you when it’s needed and rebuke you as per need. They are given huge importance even in Indian culture.

A mentor knows your strengths and weaknesses. He knows what motivates you and what puts you off. The correct intervention of your mentor is important for adequate levels of study motivation.

Sharing your goals with your mentor may help in achieving them with ease. A mentor can be anyone. It can be your teacher, your mother or your father. The important part is to pay attention to what they say and to hold on to their advice.

Put on some good music!


Music has been scientifically proven to be of positive effect when it comes to the productivity levels of an individual. This fact can be used by students as well.

It is popularly believed that students can’t focus on their studies if they are distracted by some other stimulus from the environment. This is only partly true.

It is true that while studying and learning theoretical subjects like chemistry or English, diversion of attention is not advised. But on the contrary, turning on some music of your choice while solving sums or calculating helps a great deal in your desire to work and study motivation levels.

The answers seem to be arrived at quite speedily when music is on. And since there is nothing one has to actually memorize while solving sums, it does not also hinder the process.

Sometimes, students tend to feel overwhelmed by the burden of studies. This is when their study motivation levels are the lowest.

At this point in time, some calming music or relaxing music helps the brain to calm down and rejuvenates the body. This kind of music can also be used to put people to sleep.

Furthermore, study motivation music can be used to keep you on the right track.

Adequate sleep is essential!

For a fully functioning brain, seven to eight hours of sleep are quintessential. The human brain is devised to function like that. Any less or more amount of sleep will affect the will and desire to work, indicating a negative impact on motivation levels.

A student aspiring to crack the competitive exams would certainly not want that.

Hence sound hours of sleep are important for motivation in general.

Organize your study room


A de-cluttered and well-planned study room means a clear head. It is essential to keep your workplace clean and neat while studying otherwise you may lose focus and get drifted away into other thoughts.

Make sure your table is clean and well-lit. Natural light is the best, not only for your eyes but it also kills the bacteria and negative energies in the room.

And lastly, keep a positive attitude towards studies. That would actually help a lot.

In Conclusion

we can just say that it’s important to stay motivated for studies as it helps us a lot in shaping our careers. In fact not just a career, but also life!

Are you motivated during this……?

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