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Self-Motivation- The 7 Best Key To Getting Work Done!


Self-motivation has been a challenge, especially in these very hard times, where there is everywhere negativity.

It is completely understandable if one loses control over self in a situation where one isn’t really allowed to talk to people or even meet them. Human beings are social animals, can’t really survive without interacting with other people or even going out.

Self-motivation and mental health take a toll in such kinds of situations. As a result, people need more and more self-help or self-motivation articles, books for self-motivation, self-motivation quotes and self-motivation videos and now webinars like self-motivation online learning to keep their motivation levels adequate. And still, at times, all this isn’t enough.

This often does not prove enough motivation to get out of bed and get to work. What should be done in such a sluggish situation?

Why Is Self-Motivation Important?

Self-motivation is individual-centric. It is the desire to take action and do something, achieve your goals because one desperately wants to, not because somebody else has told them to.

However, there are many factors that go into the making of self-motivation of an individual. For example, a healthy competitive environment can boost the motivation of an individual considerably.

On the other hand, an unhealthy and corrupt environment may make him or her not want to compete at all! It also greatly depends on the mindset of an individual. It significantly depends on how an individual looks at things and situations and problems.

Hence, it is vital to target the perception of an individual in order to elevate their self-motivation.

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What is Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation in general is the desire of an individual to do something. It can be due to some internal or other external factors. An individual might want a better lifestyle and may work harder for that. Or he or she can think creatively and go to great lengths to impress a loved one.

Basically, anything that inspires an individual to take any kind of action is self-motivation. And when one is not motivated enough, it becomes difficult to get anything done, as much as even making a phone call!

You often hear people say I didn’t ‘feel like doing it. What is this ‘feeling’ that is being talked about?  That is exactly what it is!

Now there are many, many factors that go into the building of self-motivation. There are environmental factors, cognitive factors, and physical factors. These factors may make or break the individual’s motivation, depending upon the nature of these factors and sometimes also the nature of the individual.

Sometimes your rate of doing work may be high or low, depending upon motivation levels, but as the Chinese philosopher and statesman Confucius says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” So keep going never stop, because that is the most important.  Faster or slower doesn’t matter!

How to get over the toughs of low motivation levels?

Experiencing ups and downs in motivation levels is completely normal and happens to everybody. There is not a single person out there who has not experienced a downfall in their will to do work.

Many people keep looking for an easy way i.e. an unusual way of earning money and wish for some easy money, just to get out of working hard! Talk about their motivation levels and will to work!

But what matters is how fast one gets out of these lags. Self-motivation is intrinsic but still, there are certain things that we can do to try to boost these levels if they have hit rock bottom.

Starting small, a very basic idea can be making a shift in your food habits. Hot beverages are proven to boost positive emotions in humans since humans are warm-blooded animals.

So the next time, choose something like a hot, steaming cup of tea or coffee, whatever you like, over cola or iced coffee. Too much eating out can also cause a decline in self-motivation levels. So prefer home-cooked food.

Surround yourself with people who you like and who inspire you

Now, this may seem like a very generic kind of advice but it does work when it comes to boosting self-motivation levels drastically.

You might have heard that people say that you are the average of your five friends. And this, in fact, is true.

This is exactly why to stay motivated and to keep your motivation levels permanently high, you need to have friends and colleagues that inspire you, keep you in a positive mood and are supportive. Negativity and pessimism can prove to be fatal for self-motivation levels.

A person with a positive attitude towards life will emit positivity and good vibes. Keeping such people in your surrounding will boost your energy levels.

Furthermore, if you have people who correct you, guide you, motivate you and help you, this will enable you to reach your goals faster.

Give yourself positive reinforcements from time to time

Have you ever noticed a little child carefully? Do you notice how they work and change their behavior on the basis of incentives?

This is not just the case with kids. It is human nature to get motivated by incentives. This is the reason people run after their big clients or kids in schools want to be praised by their teacher. So why not use this feature of human understanding to get more work done? To enhance self-motivation!

Planning little, harmless treats for yourself when you accomplish a task can prove to be a major tool in enhancing motivation levels Little things like having a favorite dish of yours or taking a day off or watching a movie with your friends are some examples of how you can give yourself little breaks.

These little breaks may superficially seem like a waste of time but they prove to be immensely helpful in the long run. They keep the process light and breezy and hence are essential.

Overthinking can be an inhibitor

Overthinking has proven to be a barrier for many people since it hinders their decisiveness. While thinking is an essential practice, overthinking can actually not only reduce your productivity but also self-motivation. Hence such kind of activity should be strictly avoided.

Basically, any activity that hinders your growth, your progress and self-motivation levels should be avoided. The origin of all these problems is the brain. And when that brain is untamed and free, it is bound to create havoc, much like a wild dog left free. As they say, ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’.

Keep a check on your progress

Keeping a check on your progress is very important. Be it material progress or abstract progress like happiness and satisfaction. If you keep a track record of your work, it not only boosts motivation but also helps one to set new targets and goals along with rewarding one with a sense of accomplishment.

Keeping a track record of your work is a vital step because it is like a building block in your tower of success. One small client, one small gesture from your loved one takes you a step nearer to your actual, ultimate goal.

Self-motivation in this process also sees an uprising. It comes off as a by-product of one’s hard work and determination.

You are your own help!

No one in the entire world can help you better than you can help yourself.

There will be friends and family to help you, motivate you, cheer you, and cry with you but really, at the end of the day, you’re responsible for yourself and your success and your failures. This is a fact that one really needs to understand.

Many people expect other people to motivate them when they’re down when they cannot motivate themselves. It is a basic human attitude and the law of reciprocity. But many times it does not happen so and people get disappointed. But one needs to understand that nobody else is going to be responsible for an individual’s motivation.

You are the person that knows yourself at its best and it’s worst.

Nobody else can help you reach your goals better than you yourself. People can nudge a little, maybe you can talk to them but it is you who is going to have to come up with a solution to the problem you’re facing.

Maintain a diary, or even a journal

Maintaining a diary or a journal enhances the other step that we talked about earlier about maintaining a check on your progress. Keeping a diary will give you a clearer view of the situation ahead and also provide you with a glimpse of your accomplishments.

Not only that, but a diary can also work as a to-do list or do some self-motivation research. And ticking off accomplished tasks at the end of the day is huge victual for an individual’s motivation levels. A person, who keeps a maintained, up to date journal, has a higher chance of succeeding as obviously, he or she has a clearer view of the goals.

There are many other factors that fall under the umbrella of self-motivation. But at the end of the day, it’s always each to his own. So suit yourself and keep going.

Stay motivated!

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