MOTIVATION: Do Not Know How To Keep Longer?


What is Motivation?

Motivation, you would have come across that word right? Well, motivation is intangible but it can be felt quite easily inside your body. Motivation is something that pushes you to do a task or perform any activity.

As a human being, whenever you are charged up for doing anything, it is your motivation. It can also be said that, without it, life might just be meaningless and purposeless.

Whether we explain it as a drive or a need, motivation is a situation inside us that desires a variation in the self or climate.

We will also be stimulated by goals, ethical values, and desires to experience specific feelings associated with certain end-states.

Let’s assume that you go to the park on a random day, and there you see that there are athletes who are performing the exercise. Some people are doing yoga. After observing this thing, it will drive you to do such things. It is called intrinsic motivation, which arises within the individual. 

Now, as once upon a time, we ever went to school and had so many teachers, but only one or two teachers are our favorites, and we always complete their work and obey.

Through this incident, we understand that personal presence can affect us to motivate ourselves. As we see this in real life, we always say that people around us define you as the effect of doing such things that we do not want to do or are not focused on. It is called extrinsic motivation.

Are you motivated during this……?

Why do we need Motivation?

Have you ever thought that why we need motivation? Or you heard from someone that we really need it very hard. Do you ever ask yourself do you really need Motivation?

Let’s understand it in this way:

Consider that you are a job-working person, For the first two days, you may work without hesitation, but after some days, you will find your work boring or feel that something is lacking me around.

To be back in the game, you think what should I do, you look around and find the vending machine in your office for coffee. You go there and sip espresso, and suddenly you get a refresh, and here a cup of espresso works as motivation.

This is why reason is essential in life because it stops asking questions are align you to work towards your goals. Without it, you can’t achieve anything.
There are no goalposts to aim for and no concept to endeavor towards. It is important because every person on this earth is unique and has a sense. To attendant concept well, you have to be stimulated to work towards your aims, helping your dreams become a reality.

Suppose you move towards your goal because of a desire for change. When you’ve driven through setbacks and fear, there is a sense of accomplishment, which builds inner confidence to try something new.

Human nature is always a bombshell. We know that we must have to reach dreams in our lives, and we tend not to act. We have many excuses for not achieving what we want.

Although we know that technically we are correct, we tend to go away from it, being Emotional. Feelings are what drive us daily, every moment.

Assume that you are on your sofa or on your bed and your mind knows that it is good to do yoga for your health, you are talking to yourself, “Do you want to do it from today? Or shall I leave tomorrow?”

Firstly, for success, you have to set your Aims. If you do not put your aims first, it isn’t easy to desire your result. And you may realize your dreams, and worked out a plan for executing them but what if you do not have motivation?? You will not even make a move.

It’s like owning the world’s best car with all the parts working properly; the vehicle has the capabilities to go wild with the most excellent fuel efficiency. But if there is no one to drive the car and or if no one is there to ignite the car and start it, the car does not even make a move.

Motivation is like ignition for the motor. This is what makes the human motor make a move. You may have the best talents or acquired the best skills, but you will not reach far if you do not have the stimulus.

Motivation is the driver who drives you to do what you are doing”.

Where can we find Motivation?

Now you know what is Motivation and why it is important to have Motivation. Now the question comes that where we will find it?

As there are 7.8 billion people in the world, each can inspire by anything. They have a different perceptions of Motivation.

Recently, one man discovers a flying device for personal use. He gets inspired by the show Doraemon, which shows Doraemon’s character flying with a gadget named “bamboo-copter” for traveling.

Explaining with another example,

We all know about Ferruccio Lamborghini, Lamborghini’s founder, it was a tractor-manufacturing company. One day when Ferruccio Lamborghini was driving the Ferrari, he finds out that the clutch is too hard to press, so he complains to Enzo Ferrari about this, but at that time, Enzo Ferrari insulted him by saying, “what can a tractor company owner knows about the sports car.”

Ferruccio Lamborghini feels insulted, and then he made his first sports car Lamborghini 350 GT. That insult works as motivation for Ferruccio. We all are different as we have unique mindsets, even are four fingers are not the same, how can our perspectives be identical, so we are all inspired by another thing, some can take from its nature, some from their elders it depends.

Why do we always lack Motivation? 

Most often you watch someone’s video or you read something that instantly charges you and you feel motivated and again the very next you find yourself in your comfort zone.

Of all the reasons or factors for why you might be lacking in the stimulus department, this first one is by far the common: either you don’t know what you want, or clarity is absent about what you want.

It’s stiff to get motivated to do anything at all if we’re not confident enough about what we are in the first place.

At last, if you lack motivation in your life, it’s likely due to you haven’t decided in deep what you want in that department. And we can’t focus on anything if we don’t know what we’re aiming for.

Motion leads to stimulus. If you want to be motivated, learn to command your physiological matter. To understand why?

Take the example of two people in your surroundings. The first person assumes that a person is coming to you, with a good dress sense, walking like a real man, appropriately moving in his hand. Whenever he speaks, he is damn sure about that and takes the second person opposite of that.

Now, which one person do you prefer? That will be the solution to your question.
Have you ever heard people blaming themselves for mistakes? They would call themselves “fools”.  It’s a specimen of someone who recognizes their mistake.

Let’s take an example here, instead of saying, “I’m a fool person,” they often said, “I just did make a mistake” or “I just did something unexpectedly wrong”? Yes, see, there’s a vast difference between those two sentences.

The first one identifies you with your mistake. It means you and your error are one. But the second one makes a clear difference between you and your mistake.

It means that you are not a moron, but that you did stupid. If you do something again and again often enough, it sticks. 

Another reason why you lack is you’re continually identifying as someone opposed to it.

A drain of rousing and desirable goals quickly takes far too many people down the lackluster motivation volume. If you limit your aim, you will determine what you are willing to do. If you didn’t aim high enough, you can’t demand more from yourself; you can’t be a better version of yourself and can’t pursue a massive goal.

Have you ever been so emphasized, so submerged, under so much pressure? Whatever the reason is, one thing we know about being submerged is that it can lack motivation for a long time.

It’s stiff to get motivated when you are submerged. Now, if you are submerged, one solution might be that you need to take a break and get yourself some rest.

But in all truth, it is the not solution of the for most people. Most people don’t need, rest; they need much more reaction.


As a great man said, persistence is a key; the things we set should be followed consistently. We can inspire anything.

“We should start a day with new hopes and a positive mindset”.

Sometimes life itself makes you motivated to do something, like financial problems, to achieve something in life, such as a specific car, bike, and house.

We are doing these things to make ourselves a better version, and by doing these, we also encourage people in our surroundings so that the right things are provided to society, culture, and families. And be a master of one, not all, multitasking kills the real thing that can lack in the performance.

“Therefore, have one skill and work over it till the end!”

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