40+ Unique Karma Quotes About Life, That Will Help You To Live Life Easily

There is another way to understand Karma by Karma Quotes. Quotes always help you to understand the topic fast and easy way.

We came around the word “KARMA” right? In Hindusim the word Karma refers to Karm(कर्म). Hardly some of the people know the right meaning.

According to people to people, the definition got changed. I will try to make it simple as possible for you to understand what is Karma?

In one word, Karma refers to an Action. The action was taken by you. Your good actions give you good results. It is a universal truth. However, it is an argument able topic to prove that Karma works this way or that way.

Many people do not believe in Karma and say that who knows the future. The future can be unpredictable, but according to many people what you will do in the present will give you result in the future.

In India, there is a saying that what you are going to harvest is depend upon what you seeded. You can not harvest the Apple by seeding the cactus plant. To harvest Apple you need to seed the Apple first.

Let’s take an example to understand it better, there is a student in college who wants to clear his course but does not want to study. So think, that does he will clear his exam? obviously not! He has to study to clear exams.

According to Karma, you will do good you will get good.

I will not take it as a religious way because by doing it, it will be again a more arguable topic. Some people will disagree in a religious way.

In the Hindu religion, there are more words on Karma. I am sure in every religion there is something on Karma.

Here we will take it as real-life examples which will apply to every human. Whether they live in the USA or in India or in Arab or in whatever country. Whether they are short or long, Male or Female, etc., etc.

Karma works on every individual same. It cannot discriminate against anyone.

Let’s take another example, if you put your bare hands on fire I think that I do not need to tell the result what will happen! It will not discriminate against you that you are white or brown, you live in the US or in Africa, you are a child or young or old. It simply burned down your hand.

It was your Action(Karma) that you took foolishly and in return, you got your result.

Karma works on everything exactly the same, not an inch different.

I can write on and on karma but here we will understand through Karma quotes. There is a nice saying (proverb) and I am sure that you heard or read it, “What you give to others in return you get exactly the same”.

So my humble request to all of you please watch your actions carefully as Karma is ready to give you your present.

Life Karma Quotes


1. There will be no luck by chance, you need to do the Karma by your own


2. After losing do not be afraid to do karma once again because this time you have the right experience to get success


3. We humans are made to do karma, without it we can not obtain anything


4. Karma says, those people shall fail who only thinks and do not take necessary action


5. Karma says it will find you anywhere in the world, you can not hide from it

6. Karma says, Whatever actions you will take today will happen to you tomorrow.

7. “Karma never loses an address”

8. One who previously made bad karma, but who reforms and creates good Karma, brightens the world like the moon appearing from behind a cloud.

9. If you will not be punished for your Karma, You will be definitely punished by your karma.

10. The one who deserves great success is the one who keeps on doing his Karma as duty without becoming weak.

11. Good luck comes to those who stick to their path of Karma.

12. For success, not only imagination, but meaningful Karma is also necessary, it is not necessary to keep looking at the path, it is also necessary to walk on the path.

13. Keep doing good Karma, if someone respects you or insults you, God will definitely respect you.

14. Thinking yourself weak is the biggest sin, if you fall then try to get up and fight, do your karma with full devotion.

15. Whatever Karma we do, we have to bear the results of it, so we must think before doing Karma.

16. Forgetting it by doing good Karma is the mark of a great person.

17. If you want to get something, then rely on your Karma, no matter how good and true the support is, they leave.

18. This creation is a Karma area, without Karma nothing can be achieved here.

19. If you fail in any goal in your life then change your Karma and not your goals.

20. The mouth can lie, Eyes can not. People may forget, Karma will not.

21. Sometimes you have to make a
Karma that will hurt your soul
But heal your soul

22. Never take revenge doesn’t matter how Evil and worthy they are. Just leave them in karma he will do it for you hundred times better.

23. Don’t waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own Karma.

24. How people treat you is their karma; How you react is yours.

25. Karma is Karma, Karma is a life. You do the wrong things, you get the wrong things out of it.

26. Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

27.Even a good player will someday be the toy of a better player; It’s called karma.

28. Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck.

29. I don’t have any reason to hate anyone; I believe in good Karma and spreading Good energy.

30. Do good Karma and good will come to you.

31. If you are cheating someone who loves you deeply true. You are gonna face the same cheat by someone else you love true and be ready for it. Because, Karma never does partiality.

32. You have to go through the worst to get the best.

33. Karma means you are the maker of you life.

34. You call it karma, but I call it reaping what you sowed.

35. I believe in a lot of karma. Your actions make your future.

36. For every truth there is a lie, for every lie there is karma.

37. No matter how smart you are, you cannot be smarter than karma.

38. Every action you did in the past there is reaction in the present.

37. Karma has no deadlines and no expiry date.

38. Sometimes you have to walk away and stand aside to let karma take it over.

39. Before you wish karma on someone, you better take a look back in your life and make sure your hands are clean.

40. It is more important to keep your cool and let karma do it’s thing, than to get angry do something stupid.

41. God don’t give you more than you can handle, but karma gives you exactly what you deserve.

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What is a good quote about karma?

According to my, I feel that this quote is the perfect example that shows the true meaning of Karma.

Karma says, Whatever actions you will take today will happen to you tomorrow

What is Karma said?

Karma says if you will do good then good will come to you.

What is the best karma?

Don’t waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own Karma

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