Morning Motivation- Make Your Mornings Inventive By 10 Best Ways!


Mornings are the most lethargic part of the day for many people. And it is quite the case for about half the population. Mornings, especially after a holiday is when your sleep hits you the sweetest. We are all Garfield the cat in the mornings! And this is the reason we need morning motivation!

How beautifully satisfying are those five extra minutes of sleep that you yearn to get in the morning! How irritating does it sound when that alarm rings and you hit the snooze button for the fifth time!

And then ultimately, you panic because now you have a lot to do and so much less time! You have to brush, get dressed, prepare and have breakfast and you’ve completely forgotten about that presentation you had to make! Now the boss is going to be immensely angry.

 Only if you had enough morning motivation!

All of this could have been avoided, had you woken up ten minutes earlier. You could’ve woken up right on time, would have had plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast, and maybe would’ve even worked on your presentation. Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how it would have been if your morning motivation was on point.

Mornings can be tough indeed. But with the right kind of guidance and morning motivation, the task of waking up on time and making Mondays productive can be made easier.

There are a lot of ways to make it easier to wake up in the morning. It is surely challenging but at the same time, is very vital for the total and complete growth of an individual. Morning motivation can be anything. And it can be different for various individuals. But what matters is how one steers their internal energy to get work done.

Still, some things can be done to keep your energy levels and morning motivation high morning.

How To Get Morning Motivation? Let’s go through them!

1. Get an adequate amount of night’s sleep


It is very important to get a good night’s sleep to wake up well and fresh in the morning. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it may be difficult for one to wake up in time the next morning. Now when you don’t wake up nice and fresh, it is quite understandable that you might wake up grumpy and cranky, with low levels of morning motivation.

The morning is the most important part of the day and hence decided how our day is going to be. Hence it is very vital to make it positive and full of sunshine. Planning a peaceful, dreamless night’s sleep is hence an important step for the next morning.

To have a warm, peaceful night, keep all your electronic devices away before sleeping and meditate before sleeping for a calm and passive mind. You’ll wake up ten times fresher in the morning. It’ll surely increase your morning motivation magnitudes.

2. Change your morning routine!

Consider changing your alarm to something soothing and calming, if it’s set to something annoying and blaring. Your alarm is the first thing you’re going to listen to. So make sure it is something pleasant and not something you feel angry after listening to.

If you start your day with an alarm you don’t like, it is likely that you’ll be in a bad mood for half the day. This will bring down your morning motivation levels and one certainly doesn’t desire that.

Secondly, even after waking up, don’t just sit around. Get up and get moving. If you just sit after waking up, that will make you lazy and bring down your energy levels. So as soon as you wake up, get on your feet. Go for a walk or exercise or straighten up the house. Do something that keeps you moving. Don’t just sit around. That is bad for your morning motivation.

3. Affirmations!


Starting your day with a positive attitude is very helpful in maintaining your morning motivation levels. There are videos and morning motivation podcasts available but you can always come up with your own creative ways of affirming yourself every morning. Tailor-made is the best. So find what works best for you and get your day going with it.

Another very important idea that works very well indeed is taking a look at your vision board. Now you may ask, what is a vision board but? So a vision board is like a notice board that you set up for yourself.

This board includes all your dreams, your long-term and short-term goals, all that you want to become, etc. Glancing merely at this board early in the morning proves beneficial for your motivation levels as these goals make you want to work for them, standing in front of the board for just five minutes, while maybe having your coffee may prove to be a great help.

Are you motivated during this……?

4. Plan the day, tentatively if not meticulously

A little bit of planning does not hurt anybody. In fact, planning your day the night before and making a list of the tasks you have to accomplish the next day makes the day easier and more comfortable and sorted.

A planned day reduces anxiety and panic. So the next day, one does not have to panic about all that one has to do the following day. Eliminating such negative emotions will also help in making your morning nice, warm and productive.

5. Plan an exciting, succulent breakfast

Who doesn’t love an appetizing, delicious breakfast? Everyone does! Food is basically everyone’s favorite. So getting some steaming, delicious breakfast early in the morning would definitely improve and lift your mood for the better.

An exciting breakfast is something to look forward to. A nicely laid table attracts anyone and has the ability to put anyone in a good mood. So use this skill wisely. Maybe you can put your creative skills at work in the kitchen in the making of the breakfast!

6. Eat healthy

According to a popular saying, we are what we eat. And this is obviously very much true. What we eat goes into the building of our body and mind. What we eat affects our thoughts and nature. Hence eating healthy becomes all the more important a deal in an individual’s life who wants to be healthy.

For all these reasons, eating a healthy lunch and dinner becomes very important. Try to cook at home in your own kitchen. This will not only encourage your creative skills but also help you save some money. Eating a healthy dinner also prevents nightmares and gives you a good night’s sleep.

7. Manage your beverages according to your day

Beverages provide leverage to our productivity levels, coffee, tea, milkshakes, beer, etc. We have different beverages for different moods and different occasions. But if these drinks are not balanced correctly, they may create sleeping and eating disorders. Hence, it becomes essentially vital that one takes extra care in their intake of drinks for a healthy morning.

Caffeine should be avoided a few hours before sleep. Caffeine energizes us. Hence taking it right before sleeping will make it difficult for us to actually sleep and one may end up tossing and twirling in the bed late till night.

Similarly, alcohol also should be avoided right before sleep. Let’s be honest, alcohol is no one’s friend but taking it right before bed is essentially a no.

Water is one drink that one may take any time and in as much quantity as one may like. It is important for our systems to work rhythmically. Especially waking up dehydrated in the morning may have a negative impact on morning motivation to work. So, stay adequately hydrated!

8. Exercise a little

Going for a jog or a little run-in fresh air is very advisable. Since many of us have to work in a closed setting for the entire day, getting some fresh air becomes almost very difficult to get. So that little run or a jog proves to be beneficial in the long run. It improves, eventually, your morning motivation!

9. Dress for the day you want!


For an individual, getting dressed takes up a good portion of his or her morning routine. How we look affects our personality and confidence, which in turn affects our motivation levels in general. So make sure you pick good clothes that make you look elegant and graceful.

But at the same time, don’t pick up clothes that are too uncomfortable to wear. Comfort is very important and should not be avoided at any cost. So pick an outfit that suits you, makes your look good and is most importantly, comfortable.

10. Some self-help won’t hurt!

We’re human beings and hence inevitably lack sometimes in keeping up with the demands of the works.  So in times like these, seeking some self-help won’t harm anyone. There are many books, morning motivation videos, morning motivation quotes available online, or even in book stores. One can check them out anytime.

In Conclusion

Morning motivation is very important for a productive, well yielding day and should be taken seriously. A lot of things are stated here and other videos and podcasts are available too. So keep grinding and keep waking up early!

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